Friday, March 19, 2010

Baba Ramdev plays politics...

Baba Ramdev ji ki jai ho, baba Randev ji ki jai ho yaa Na ho??

Let us see.

Folks have you seen the news on Baba Ramdev ji, coming consecutively since last two days, on TV channels or in newspapers. If your answer is in positive, then by now you must have guessed that on what thing I will go and talk about. But, if you say no then I must inform you about the latest buzz. Okay, here I go. Baba Ramdev ji is so paranoid (personally my opinion) about his future in yoga teachings that he is now planning to enter in politics (Or he is been too bored of cleaning bodies of people that he now decides to clean the country’s mess). I do not know.

Personally saying Baba Ramdev ji has done an immensely wonderful job to bring yoga out of oblivion and making it so popular. It is beyond doubt that he is a great yoga teacher and made his teaching sessions free for all – which is a mark of great guru. But his news of entry into politics is certainly not appreciable. Ramdev ji you are such a good yoga teacher, then why do not you go and popularize it in the whole world, so that people who are suffering from deadly diseases around the world can took benefit of it and be cured. It is also a noble deed. Why getting into politics? Let it be the game of Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh or Lal Krishna Advani. Why form a new party, when there is no dearth of political regional parties in India. I am not saying that forming a new party is bad but why you in politics. There is already so much responsibilities on your shoulder –popularizing yoga (remember I mentioned it earlier).

Country as complex as ours demands someone having a stature as dynamic as of Dr. Manmohan Singh or Mr Nitish Kumar or Mr Narendar Modi. They are well adept in their field of expertise. How can we expect a man who lack experience in the field of politics to run a political party or to have a say in framing a national policies. He may also, in all possibilities, can get a good number of votes – for 85 million people follow his yoga camps and after all devotes will be devotes that they will faithfully vote for his party. Not to mention, with keeping their brains shut. If babaji can claim for in Toto eradication of corruption from India then for God sake why he gets into controversies concerning corruption - Allegations of unlawful manufacturing practices (use human and animal bones in their medicines), Claims of curing AIDS, Claims of curing cancer. Some of the issues raised by him (where you decide whether it is justified..?) are: division of Uttar Pradesh into 3 parts, Opposition to Homosexuality. Also, some of the goals stated in his Bharat Swabhiman Andolan, a mass movement campaign launched by him, are quite conservative - 100% boycott of foreign companies, adoption of ‘swadeshi’, 100% yoga-oriented nation, We will 100% boycott foreign goods made with zero technology and adopt indigenous goods.

Baba Ramdev ji we respect you. We appreciate you for what you have done(giving a ray of hope to those who suffers from some of the very painful illness). We are proud of you. But I will truly demand from you that you please be focused in your yoga teachings. Let politics be the game of others.

Baba Ramdev ji ki jai ho, Baba Ramdev ji ki jai ho yaa na decide

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i could not bell the CAT... so what??

Before you begin reading this article one thing I want to make it very clear; that this article is solely, whole-heartedly for those who were not able to bell the cat (IIM’s) this time and are in mood to give it a more trials. And for all the new ones who are making their brains ready to play cat n mouse game – for cat will remain be a computer based test (CBT).

I begin my story

I began every single day with a hot cup of tea and with my books – for I was preparing for the most dreadful exam since six months before that exam. I lucubrated into nights, took coaching classes, bought a new laptop (you know why), attended extra classes, gave mock cat’s and enjoyed the whole learning process. Really, I enjoyed. This routine of mine became my lifestyle. I was very much sure that I will certainly come out with flying colors. Finally, I gave my ordeal on 4th of December. I was happy after the exam; not for it happened to be my good exam ever but for I just gave it. It really does not matter much to me whether I will get into the top 10 or not but what matters to me the most is that I gave my 100% okay 99.99%(c’mon this is enough to get a call from the IIM-A).

But what if guys if i could not make it through. Do I have any other options –race it again, plan to do my MBA from a foreign country, work with some company or an NGO, suicide, poison, and kill Samir barua (IIM-A director). Hold aside these options for the time being and think what you are really made for. Think of your interests, think what you like and follow that. Do what you love. But please do not think of giving you a second, third, fourth, chance – for there are much better things to do in life. Okay, my die-hard CAT takers can go for the second try but no further please.

Go for what your dil says not what your intellectually powered uncle.
Okay,Tell me what will you choose?
A) Your love (gf/bf) to marry you or
B) A girl/boy of your mamma’s/maussis/ chachies choice

My answer is (A) – lock kar diya jaye. What about you. This is your choice in life. You definitely want jocund life after all. Go for that. Go for love. It will, I am sure, give what you long for – riches, prestige, a nice spouse, learning, knowledge, wagera-wagera and above all happiness.

Therefore, no need to pour money into the iim’s bursary by registering for the next CAT. Instead give yourself a treat that you have saved your papa’s money or give some  money to cyber cafĂ© wala and spend time writing blogs and share your experience – for I love this and doing it( not getting money obviously),but enjoying. And of course I would like to share my cat score with you guys which is 78%ile but still happy after giving my 99.99%. And for now I am  happy, cheerful, focusing on college projects, looking forward for opinions.