Saturday, April 3, 2010

Teen Fail Suicide Wrong

This piece of article is for one all i.e. all kind of human breeds- for you never know when you take inspiration from this (although some of you will rubbish it).

I was bound to write on this issue. What provoked me to write on this issue was the grief and pain of people those who are unable to bear the burden of their miseries (hence commit suicide) –failure, loneliness, conflicts, domestic violence, unfulfilled romantic ideals.
At the outset, I would share some hard realities related to suicides – facts, statistics.
  1. South India: worlds suicide capital
  2. Out of every three cases of suicide reported every 15 minutes in India, one is committed by a youth in the age group of 15 to 29.
  3. Over 100000 die by suicide in India every year; it alone contributes 10% of suicide cases in India.
  4. Kerala, the country first fully literate state has the highest number of suicides. Some 32 people commit suicide in Kerala every day.
Is this not sufficed to show you that this is a matter of grave concern?  Are they (those who commit suicide) planning their killings? Are they not normal? Are they not fulfilled –but who is then? Are they those unlucky ones who cannot feel the beauty of life? Are they? Aren’t they? 

I have different answers to these questions. You have different answers. They have different too. But what is common to all these answers is the word ‘suicide’. Obviously I cannot tell what goes in the mind of people when they plan their unnatural death. But does not it make you uncomfortable; to know what they are thinking or what provokes them to take this step. Of course it is lack of ‘something’. But what is this something. Okay, tell me if this something is, say, success, recognition or money then does this ‘something’  infects an  11 year old child too?( as reported by TOI – an 11 year old reality show participant committed suicide - Does this ‘something’ is so monstrous that it takes away your life from you?  If the answer is yes, then is it so powerful that it can lead an 11 year old child to commit a suicide by hanging a dupatta to ceiling rod. It is shameful, but to whom – the question is this.

This is not all. I have myriad number of stories to tell. But what is more shocking to me is that it is the young dynamic generation of our country which is more easily giving up their life like this. The data speaks by itself –National Crime Records Bureau noted that out of every three cases of suicide reported every 15 minutes in the country, one involves a youth in the age group of 15 to 29.

The problem which I see with the younger generation of today is that of an unhealthy competition. The unhealthy competition such as for better pay package, getting into reputed college (IIM’S/IIT’S)-less seats-more test takers, uneven working hours (BPO companies), going abroad (aam admi’s dream), not having a boy/girl friend (or broken love relations), poor performance  or  any unfulfilled dream. Yes we all have sorrow and grief in life. They are inevitable and cannot be deleted from one’s life but at least we can try an overcome these miseries and be happy. As it goes – if you want to be happy, be. Also, I know the fact that we cannot completely overcome our grief but who says to do it completely; keep some of your grief files in the recycle bin. Isn’t it? Taste the flavors of life.

To end I have for you a very interesting link – this will surely be very good to read. Also I am looking forward to some suggestions and related stories that you have been through in life.