Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yes we can

While I still cannot picture the true state of CWG stadiums – which are already being delayed to renovate on time (not to mention they are not running short of time; time has elapsed) – I can surely state that there is something more than what meets the eye.

I say this because, well, before a couple of weeks back media was very active in giving out loopholes in arrangements made for CWG. There were all noise about the corrupt state of our politician and dismal state of our stadiums. Not a single official of CWG (INDIA) was left untainted. Even the not- so- relevant news became the breaking news of the day all under the guise of CWG news.

And this is ok (as this is their duty) but what is not ok is that you, certainly, cannot taint the reputation of a nation while doing your duty. Yes, we are a democratic nation – and no denying in the fact – but that does not give the right to anyone to misrepresent the country’s image in front of the foreign nations. Yes, we have suffered a financial misconduct in arrangements done for CWG but we are suffering more by attaching a bad name with the country’s name. We are losing good players, good name, good investments, good tourists and good money. Personally, we are losing our morals.

I think it is high time we get started building our nation’s reputation. And give ourselves a patriotic boost. Surely, we will gain something out of it. And, yes we can.

P.S.:-Indian’s lack civic sense. You know what to do.

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