Friday, October 1, 2010

Ayodha Verdict - Read between the lines

The Ayodhya denouement finally reached to settlement on Thursday. The settlement made was between two groups- Hindus a Muslims. In the settlement 2/3rd of the disputed land was given to Hindu groups and the remainder portion to a Muslim group.

Scores of people lauded the decision given by the court but, also, there seems to be a few people those who were not happy with the final decision. I am amongst the latter ones. My main reason, particularly, lies in the idea of division. Since I have been following many news channels to get updated me with the current happenings on the verdict; I was keen on taking a verdict which came with an idea of an out of the box settlement. This ‘Panchayti Approach’ (as many have termed it) – that 1/3rd 1/3rd part of the land be divided amongst the respective groups in itself is a politically motivated act. Why I call it a politically motivated act is because neither of the party in this way can claim for the full ownership of the land and be half-happy or half-sad with the given verdict. Now if neither of the party is in a paroxysm of rage, there will be no sudden outburst of public anger or opposition (remember CWG and because of the proximity of Delhi or CWG stadiums from Ayodhya). In this way tranquility of Delhi can be maintained. Now, if I say that it was a settlement of anger not dispute I may not be wrong. Right.

I will further update this blog on the same issue.

P.S:- The land dispute verdict was seen by the country with equal inquisitiveness as shown by the country during an India Pakistan match.


vikas takkar said...

one of the judges gave interview to a news channel..and categorically stated that they were under no political pressure..
it makes me sense of something more than what meets the eye..well not have your point.


sagar V said...

@ vikas takkar i think we must wait - that i think there is certainly more to come when the judgment will be properly analysied; for i think it is a tricky one and be given time.


satish said...

precise n sufficient(blog).
....yes,it is flagrant miscarriage of justice. our Muslim friends fell cheated...alas!