Friday, April 16, 2010

Mr. Lalit Modi's dish

IPL is the flavor of the month. Cricket is the recipe. Controversies are the spices. Bollywood bigwigs- Sharukh Khan, Shetty girls- are the added salt to taste. Media is the serving plate and we all are the devourer.

But who is the chef? Who is putting all his culinary skills into it? Who is preparing it for the third time and serving it to the more mouths than ever? It is the chief chef of BCCI – Mr Lalit Modi. Mr Lalit Modi who has the formula for this secret recipe was doing all well in his private kitchen until he tried to add some extra masala to his dish- by adding two new spices to its ingredients list –sahara group and rendezvous  sports.
Mr Lalit’s reluctance
All was well, until Mr Lalit tasted the flavor of ‘rendezvous sports’ spice and found that it may give him a constipation –like  feeling if this spice was added to the dish(although he was reluctant of using it before, but he went with it giving the green signal to the suppliers of the spice). But to his dismay quantities of spice were already being transported to his kitchen. And now there is nothing he can do about it. So he directly tried to bribe the suppliers and demanded them to supply another quality of spice (i.e. to shift base to some another city and supply from their instead). The suppliers denied. Mr Lalit got infuriated at this and instead challenged the quality of the ingredients added to the spice (i.e. consortium of stake holders of the rendezvous sports). Also he disclosed the amount of ingredient added to form the ‘rendezvous sports’ spice (RSS)  on internet(twitter) and let their formula of making rendezvous sports spice come out in public. This disturbed the suppliers of RSS and they become adamant to stick to their position and the pot is still boiling.


vikas sidhu said...

i must tell he is certainly not the man who is to be trusted...he is cooking conspiracies.IT guys will bring the truth

Anonymous said...

... and I am sure the person above meant Income Tax when he mentioned IT.

Anonymous said...

So you mean:

IPL = flavor
Cricket = recipe
Controversies = spices
Bollywood = salt

but dude, you totally missed out on the whiteskinned east european girls jiggling their ... err (for the lack of a more indicative word on public forums) pompoms?